Egglogical Communication - Let's farm delicious organic eggs!
* Egglogical is coined from the word "Egg" and "Ecological"

It is mediated by chickens and the installation comprises a small ecosystem. People of the community take part in the ecosystem directly, and it raises consciousness of a man being a part of the ecosystem which has lost sight in urban life.

Creating a little Eco-cycle world inside the fence in a vacant lot with the house made of the same type of fence.
Make a small Eco-system by raising chickens in the vacant lot, with the participation of the neighbors from the community. (If you take eggs from the cycle that works based on the plants as the main food source which are grown inside the fence, you have to bring the chickens feed to keep the balance of the cycle)

The eggs

Eggs of chickens who have not eaten any antibiotics only fresh vegetables and so on, and exercised well, are surprisingly delicious and they have high nutritional value.

If you have had any allergic problem to eggs, you might be able to eat these natural eggs.

The yolk of an egg is spherical like a Ping-Pong ball, and it has an elastic feature, so the feel of the bite is different.

Feces are decomposed by effective microorganisms (the same kind of ingredient as yogurt fungi - bacteria) without any bad smells, and it will be a good fertilizer.

Feed mixed with effective microorganisms, make chickens' intestinal health better.

For children, experience of fostering animals will be a good opportunity to touch the importance of life, the environment and/or the Eco-system.

*Please leave the chickens leftovers from your kitchen whenever you take some eggs

- - - Cycle - - -


Soil ( in the vacant lot)

Micro organisms


Rain water - - - - Solar energy

CO2 - - - - - - - - - - O2




Chickens - Feed


Eggs - Human beings



Soil (repeat)