" Tree Project "

Educational support projects at the Department of Education University of the Ryukyus. 2011

In this project, through a class on the theme of “Biodiversity on Campus”, environmental artists Timothy M Collins and Reiko Goto were invited from the UK to give lectures and workshops. Together with these artists and specialists from other fields such as botany, we created installations and gave performances through cross-disciplinary cooperation.


Tree Project on University of the Ryukyus Webpage

Art education students:
Yoshino Akiyama,
Sachika Enoki,
Ryouko Fukumoto,
Yuu Hashimoto,
Saori Higa,
Arika Kina,
Tomoe Miyahira,
Sayaka Nakama,
Hikaru Ookawa,
Mamiko Oota,
Rina Sugimoto,
Saki Tokuhara,
Haruka Tomimoto,
Natsuki Tsuji.