Beneath Land and Water: A Project for Elkhorn City

Supporting investment in the land, the rivers, and the heritage of Appalachia

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An art and environment project by
The Elkhorn City Heritage Council
The American Festival Project at Appalshop

Suzanne Lacy, Susan Steinman, Yutaka Kobayashi

Sponsored by the Creative Capital Foundation

Between Land and Water takes place in a landscape surveyed when standing on the south beach of the Russell Fork River in the center of Elkhorn City. It focuses on townspeopleÅfs personal experience of their landas a site of heritage and as a generator of regional wealthand their river as an indicator of ecological health and as a moving force that connects them, upstream and down, with the rest of the country. This public art project sits between a need for collective stewardship of the regionÅfs natural resources and a dream of a tourist economy that preserves the natural environment.