Book Marks Project

Coral Tree

Kelp Tree
The public libraries that can be found all over the country are open community spaces which anybody can make a visit to easily. I felt that a project like this one held at such a spaces holds large potential. That is because a growing social concern of artists and variety in art forms has led to the transfer of field of art from galleries and art museums into neutral natural spaces or cities. I myself have sought to be a part of this movement.

As for the works shown, I thought about the common ties between Hokkaido, northernmost part of Japan, where project took place, and Okinawa, southernmost part of Japan, where I live now. Milk-products are one of the main products of Hokkaido. They are produced in Okinawa as well, although that seems to be a bit unlikely. Okinawa is the number one consumer of Hokkaido-produced Kelp. What is the foundation of the valuable resources of the sea of Hokkaido and Okinawa? The creation of the "lp Tree "nd the "Coral Treeh" are based on these thoughts.

*This project had been held in Ishikari Public Library
*The image printed on the Milk Package