Kokusai Avenue Renewal Project (2001 - 2006)
Basic Concept of the Sidewalk of Kokusai Avenue (International Avenue), Naha-City, Okinawa

Kokusai Avenue is major road that used to be a lonesome place with fields and graveyards along it. After the war, through the harmonious melding of traditional Okinawan culture and foreign cultures, it prospered and came to be known as the "miracle-mile," which transformed into a cosmopolitan area.

Such a historical background of the strip and how it develops in the future are of deep interest. I reduce the great dramas of this street into a visual shape - a shape from which pedestrians can find pleasure in walking.

Design flow: downtown - uptown

Sea - Plants (fields) suburbs (villages) - Animals (live stocks) - Markets - Cities/People (culture/future) - suburbs (crafts/graveyards) - Kingdom (festivals)