Art and Education Collaboration between Otis College of Art and Design
and Loyola Village Elementary School, Los Angels, CA, 2004

Good Microbes Art Project

The Site Loyola Elementary School located edge of Ballona Wetland has influenced the their rich ecological system that bridges the gap between aquatic and land environments and provide crucial habitat for hundreds of plant and animal species. The Wetland helps improve water quality, including that of drinking water, by intercepting surface runoff and removing or retaining its nutrients, processing organic wastes, and reducing sediment before it reaches open water. In this project, we focus on the water that mediates this ecological system. When you look at the water, you will see plants and animals. Look it more closely, millions of invisible by human sight species are working in harmony. It is microorganism.

They are not recognized in your eyes but it is one of the 3 fundamental constituted elements of our ecological system. Without their participation in our ecological system, the system will be corrupt. To guide understanding the Microbes roll by observing, experiencing and using it in the class workshop through the project.