Potrero Hill Neighborhood Project: RE/CO/NE/CT 2001 - 03

Learning Garden Design/Build Project

The Learning Garden Project will transform an open patch of land in back of the Nabe into a playground and garden promoting ecology and sustainability. This marks the beginning ccac's The Learning Garden will offer people from both sides of the hill a safe, clean, stimulating place for recreation that promotes awareness of the balance between urban populations and nature. The design for the garden was created through a series of CCAC community design/build classes and workshops in collaboration with PHMS students, community members, youth, and people who use the Nabe.

The artwork consists of two elements, a box and organic shaped glass pieces mounted in the wall above the bin. This garden is located on a hill where you have a view of downtown SF and Bay bridge. Through the glass piece in the wall, you will see the view upside down. The bin, under the glass piece, also has glass window, which stands in contrast to the image in the glass piece, where you can look at the microworld activities of microorganism working on a soil. *Why the image of the city is up side down?