Platform C Academy in Turkey, 2000

Oasis in The Ruins

By focusing on how historical and current water flow affects socioeconomic changes on the local and global level, one can begin to discover possible ways of artistic expression. Presenting a small change in the flow of a waterway could act as a catalyst for us to reconsider our own way of living.

Making an installation on abandoned dwellings using over flowing spring water

I found a half-natural spring in a dry land that used to be the main water source for neighbors. Since the city water system was developed, the spring has lost its original use as the government seized control over the flow of water. It is slower than before but still runs constantly into the basin. In the dry desert climate, the water supply is very precious. However, most of the water overflowing from the basin evaporates in the street. Hearing about the importance of water from the farmers helped us to decide to use the overflowed water for our project. We have lead this overflowed water to our site and allowed it to drop into the stone basin. From there, the overflow leads to the underground webbing water system which gives moisture to the site. Hoping this site will become an oasis in the middle of the desert land, we have also planted flowers and trees which include fruit trees on the site.